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A trip to Boracay is not enough without having a Boracay accommodation reserved under your name. This is because if you go to the island without a reservation, you might end up with a beaten down hotel. This is particularly true if you have decided to go to the island spontaneously, on a hot summer day. I have tried this before and to tell you honestly, I do not want to do that again!

It’s not that I had a negative experience in my stay in the island. But the problem was, I decided to go to the island without planning it beforehand. As a result, I had no choice but to stay in the expensive Boracay Mandarin Hotel that was located right in front of the beach. I was disappointed with this because I was planning to stay in the island for 3 days. But because the hotel took up most of my budget, I ended up staying overnight. This was the first time I went to the island.

Of course, at that time I did not know any better. I just presumed that it was just like the rest of the beaches in the whole Philippines. But because Boracay has been recognized as one of the top beaches throughout the world, I should have anticipated the number of people who would be going to the island as well.

To share with you, the busiest time of the year in the island is during the Holy Week. This is the time when the island is full of people and the prices are super expensive. I do not suggest you make an impromptu decision to visit the island and expect to find affordable Boracay resort hotels that still have an available room. You have to keep in mind that the very first hotels that usually get fully booked are the ones which are affordable. These even get fully booked as early as February, a couple of months before the Holy Week.

If you would like to get an affordable Boracay accommodation, I highly suggest that you reserve your hotel room by January. This is the time when the prices are still manageable. At the same time, it will give you enough time to save your money and prepare for the expenses you will be facing during your trip. This will also give you time to diet so you can show off your flat stomach.

Boracay is a really great place to go if you want a beach vacation that you will never forget. Just remember that you confirm your reservation with the Boracay island hotels that you have chosen so that you can be sure you have a place to stay during your vacation.

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