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What is tuxguitar-tef

tuxguitar-tef is a file-format plugin for TuxGuitar. It makes it possible to import TablEdit TEF files.

Supported versions

tuxguitar-tef was tested with several TEF files but we couldn’t find out which version of TablEdit was used to save them.

Why do I need to go to "import" menu to load TEF files?

Almost every binary file contains a header with information that allows the program loading the file to know which kind of data is in the file and to know about the format version.
We couldn’t find any such header in a TEF files, so we have no way to know if the loaded file is really a TEF file.
Using file extension to add TEF files as a standard TuxGuitar file-format may cause several conflicts with other file-format plugins if some condition presents.

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