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Plugins dialog

TuxGuitar supports plugins. Some of the plugins are delivered with the distribution, but there are plugins you can download and enable manually.

There are several types of the plugins:

  1. File Format plugins (PowerTab, Lilypond, MIDI, MusicXML) are included as default
  2. Sound plugins (ALSA, OSS, CoreAudio) are recommended depending of your OS.
  3. other plugins (like FTP browser, and any other)

The plugins dialog is accessed through the Tools→Plugins menu. In the dialog is the list of all plugins, with the checkbox enabled if the plugin is working at the moment. Some of the plugins can be configured with the Configure button. All of the plugins have their author info.


Plugins are single *.jar files. You can install any TuxGuitar plugin by simply copying it to the $TUXGUITAR_DIR\share\plugins\ folder and enabling it in the dialog.

Maybe the easiest way to contribute to TuxGuitar functionality is to write a plugin, because it doesn’t need synchronisation with the other TuxGuitar developers.

You can check the list of available plugins on TuxGuitar download page.

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