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New translation

The easiest way to contribute to TuxGuitar project is to write a translation file for a new language. If your language is not supported you are free to make a translation. You can check out supported languages on http://tuxguitar.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/tuxguitar/trunk/TuxGuitar/share/lang/. Please, take translation process with care.

You have to know: TuxGuitar is a living open-source project. New features will require new translations, so making a translation file will require further activity from you!

Writing a translation

It is easy to test your translation: simply put your messages_LANG.properties file in $TUXGUITAR_DIR\share\lang folder and it will appear in languages next time you run the application.

When your translation file is done and ready for use upload it somewhere and send a link to the author via TuxGuitar contact page.

Besides translating the main TuxGuitar application, there is also an option for translation of the plugins. Very few plugins are translated so far, but you are free to do it.


  • You can place Unicode characters, so all the special characters are supported. Unicode characters are printed with code \uXXXX, where “XXXX” is the character number in hexadecimal. Charts can be found here.
  • If you are using Unicode characters, you can write the text in Unicode editor, but the final file should be one-byte-per-character (unicode has two). To convert it in appropriate format you may use this convertor Pearl script or some other Unicode→ASCII convertor.
  • It is smart to read the translations from all the languages you are familiar with, so you can compare.
  • Some experience in using TuxGuitar is priorly needed.

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