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Linux install instructions


For x86 and x86_64 Java Runtime Edition-1.5 o later from Sun is required.

For PPC Java SE Version 6 or later from IBM is required (free registeration required) (32-bit iSeries/pSeries for PS3 (64-bit version might work as well)).

Note that not all Java Virtual Machine, implements the Java Sound Api what is needed by tuxguitar to play sounds. some linux dist cames as default with a JVM installed that doesn’t implements that Api. so if you install the required version of Java, you’ll have more than one JVM installed in your system, but only one can be at the linux PATH. So in that case, you can specify the path of JVM required by tuxguitar before launch it:


export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun


export JAVA_HOME=/opt/ibm/java-ppc-60

Graphical Installer (only for x86):

Thanks to the BitRock team, who gave us a Free license to use InstallBuilder, now tuxguitar can be easily installed. You only need allow execute access to the installer, ant launch it:

chmod 775 tuxguitar-0.9.1-linux-installer.bin

  • Welcome Screen

  • License Terms

  • Installation Folder

  • Confirm installation

  • Installing TuxGuitar

  • Process is Finished!

Now TuxGuitar is installed, you can go to the selected installation folder and run tuxguitar by two clicks to the desktop launcher.

Terminal Installation:

To install from a system terminal, you only need extract the binary files for your CPU architecture: x86, x86_64 or ppc, then you can go to the uncompressed folder and run tuxguitar using the launcher script. Replace ARCH in the box below with your CPU architecture (x86, x86_64 or ppc).

tar xfz tuxguitar-1.0-rc4-linux-ARCH.tar.gz
cd tuxguitar-1.0-rc4-linux-ARCH

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