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TuxGuitar and Java Virtual Machine compatibility

TuxGuitar 1.0 supports JVM 1.4 specification. That means it is compliant with most third-party JVM distributions, but Sun JVM is recommended.

It is tested with GCJ and IcedTea virtual machines and it works without any problems.

Important thing is that non-Sun-JVM often don’t support Java Sound API, which means that Java soundbank usage is not supported by default. The solution is either usage of native sound plugins (TuxGuitar-ALSA, TuxGuitar-CoreAudio...) or to use Tritonus library which implements Java Sound API. See info below about how to setup tritonus.

Older versions

TuxGuitar version 0.9 and lesser needs Java 1.5 compatible JVM. That means that it is not GCJ compliant, but you still can run it with IcedTea JVM.

Running TuxGuitar with Tritonus

This is help for running Tritonus with Fluidsynth. Tritonus implements Java Sound Api, so it will manifest as native java synthesizer.

You will have to add tritonus in your classpath. Before you run TuxGuitar, you have to edit the ./tuxguitar script. Add these lines

export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/path/to/tritonus_share.jar:/path/to/tritonus_fluidsynth.jar

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib/tritonus (or wherever .so files are located)

//and in the running command, before or after “-Djava.library.path...” line://

-Dtritonus.fluidsynth.defaultsoundbank=/path/to/fluidsynth_soundfont/ \

Don’t forget the backslash in that last line. :)

After you save the script you should be able to run TuxGuitar with fluidsynth and tritonus support.

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