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Importing TuxGuitar as Eclipse project

OK, besides you need to choose File/Import project into Workspace, there are some things that can confuse even an experienced user.

SWT libraries

You have to add SWT libraries to the build path. Open Project/Properties dialog, then select “Java Build Path” (at left) and “Libraries” tag. You should see a tree item “swt.jar”. Expand it and click where is “Native Library Location”, then push “edit” and add all the SWT native libraries (*.dll or *.so files). Other way is adding “-Djava.library.path=/path_to_libraries” at “Arguments → VM Arguments” of eclipse “Run” dialog.

You should know that if you are using SWT version 3.3 and above, native libraries are included inside the jar file, so there is no need for explicit native libraries including.


"share" folder

You need “src/share” folder to be inside “bin” folder when compiled. The easiest way to accomplish this is to right-click at the “share” folder, go to “Build path” and select “Use as source folder”.

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