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Default key-bindings (shortcuts)

This is the list of the default key bindings (keyboard shortcuts) in TuxGuitar 1.0.

Of course, these key-bindings list can be modified in Tools->Shortcuts dialog.

Tab editor

Action key
Insert note number 0-29
Delete note Del
Clean beat Ctrl+Del
Tied note L
Go to next measure Ctrl+Right
Go to previous measure Ctrl+Left
View next track Ctrl+Down
View previous track Ctrl+Up
View last track Ctrl+Shift+Down
View first track Ctrl+Shift+Up
Copy measure Ctrl+C
Paste measure Ctrl+V
Tab properties F5
Add track Ctrl+Shift+Ins
Delete track Ctrl+Shift+Del
Add marker Shift+Ins
Go to previous marker Alt+Left
Go to next marker Alt+Right
Insert text T

Playback controls

Action key
Play / Pause Space
Go to start Ctrl+Shift+Right
Go to end Ctrl+Shift+Left

Note effects

Can be applied only when your cursor is positioned on the existing note in a tablature

Action key
Bend note B
Ghost note O
Hammer on/Pull off H
Slide up/down S
Vibrato V
Dead note X
Palm mute P
Fade in F
Grace note G
Move note on string above Shift+Up
Move note on string below Shift+Down
Increase note pitch Shift+Right
Decrease note pitch Shift+Left
Dotted note *
Triplet note /


Action key
Custom chord dialog A
Settings F7
Mixer Ctrl+M
Transport Ctrl+T
Collection Browser Ctrl+B
Play Mode F9
Help F1


Action key
New tablature Ctrl+N
Open file Ctrl+O
Save file Crtl+S
Save as F12
Print tablature Ctrl+P
Help F1
Undo action Ctrl+Z
Redo action Ctrl+Y
Exit TuxGuitar Alt+F4

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