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Post: Jan 14th 2009 at 10:52 AM

So what about a portable solution of TuxGuitar, it woulb be great to have Tuxguitar on usb key or external hard disk

congratulations for this great soft

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Post: Jan 14th 2009 at 11:23 AM

if you download the tar.gz package (or .zip for windows)
there should be no problem, just uncompress it and make 2 click to the executable file.

But you'll not able to have some features of an "installed" application.
When you make 2 click to a file (not the application) and the operating system open this file with any application, it is because the OS have a mime-type association configured.
these associations are often done when the app installs.
If you are under windows, there is a system reg, where the installer write them.
if you are under gnu/linux, there are some dynamic files on /usr/share/applications/ and /usr/share/mime

So you'll lose those features, and others like a menu entry.

But what is tuxguitar itself, it can run in a folder without problems.

If you look for a multiplatform tuxguitar in a USB key,
you'll need to change some little things.
SWT (library that uses tuxguitar to make windows)
is different for each OS/arch.
I mean, you need the file "swt.jar" but if you have the windows swt.jar, it may don't work for linux and otherwise..

So you'll need to make some thing such as
add a new folder "lib-your_os" where put swt.jar and other platform dependant libraries.
on "lib" only keep those libraries that yes are multiplatform ( itext.jar )

And then you'll need to edit the launcher script (or .lap file if it's win + .exe )
to tell the launcher that you have a new lib-your_os library folder.
Doing something like this, you may have launchers for all OS
for same installation of tuxguitar.

If you are not familiarized with edit scripts,
and you have enoutgth free space on the USB, you make different copies of tuxguitar for each OS.

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Post: Jan 14th 2009 at 11:48 AM

yeah ! ! Thanks a lot Julian, I'm going to try that ! ! ! !

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