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Viktor Mastoridis
Post: Jan 8th 2009 at 3:13 AM

Hi there,

Thanx for this excellent software, it's really amazing the beauty and ease of work of this little peace beauty. And the support is just the icing of the cake.

I hear that you listen to requests, so here's one from me: Support for grouping of notes, especially in an uneven time signature.
Say, in 5/8 Time signature, notes could be grouped 2+3 or 3+2/8.

Tuxguitar groups the notes 2+2+1 - which makes no sense.

Enabling some way to tell the program about the grouping will prove very useful indeed. Especially for us who write (and try to pass it on) music with a lot of uneven rhythms.

In other words, I wonder whether I could be able to tell the software about the grouping, and then the notes are displayed in that certain way - i.e. the quavers are connected 2+3 together.

That will enable the reader to understand the natural beat and accents of the composition. It's a baic visual need in reading uneven music.

Thanking you in advance,

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