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Sebastien Dubail
Post: Oct 29th 2008 at 10:37 PM

Hi guys,

First I would like to congratulate everyone that's been involved in this development, tuxguitar is a great software and I'm using it to write scores for my bass player, who uses Guitar Pro, and the gp5 files I export from tg files. Everything OK at that point.

My suggestion is about triplets : for some songs that are played in shuffle, I have to write triplet pattern, which are usually written as two standard eighth notes, but with an indication over the score like "shuffle" or "swing", you play it as a triplet of eighth note - eighth silence - eighth note. (that means you "play shuffle")
In tuxguitar, like in every other softwares I think, I have to explicitly write that triplet pattern, with the second note in the triplet that is a silence.
However, it usually appears like a standard eighth notes couple with a eighth silence between the two notes, and the number 3 is written just above the line that tie the two notes together. I think this is much easier to read and understand than the number 3 that appears in tuxguitar under the symbols.
So if you understand what I mean, I think that would be a great improvement for an upcoming version.

If you have some questions about that, or if my explanations
are not very understandable, feel free to mail me : seb.dubail@gmail.com

Thanks for reading, and keep up your great efforts !!


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Post: Dec 12th 2008 at 11:55 AM

actually, a shuffle is more properly played without a silence in between... if we're playing eighth note shuffle, then the first note is 2/3 of a quarter note and the second note of the pair is 1/3 of a quarter note.

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