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Subject the "tied note" button

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Post: Oct 16th 2008 at 5:37 PM

while this is just a minor cosmetic issue, it confused me the first time i used the tied-note function.

the problem:
currently, the "tied note" button looks like this: [o_]
i.e. the tie is to the right of the note. however, when you click the button, the current note is tied to the left, which looks like this: [_o].
change the button to look like this: [_o]

that's all.

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Post: Oct 16th 2008 at 5:53 PM

When you see the "note1 ^ note2"
the tied note is allways "note2" while "note1" is a normal note.
In other words, a tied note is an extension of the previous note duration
so if you click tied on "note2" the "^" symbol must appear before note2 instead of after, because you are extending previous duration.

Now the button icon is just to represent the tied note action, but not how it will be used.
It's like if you see "duration" icons, all of them are pointing to "UP". but notes may be displayed to up or down.

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