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Post: May 19th 2008 at 9:39 AM

Powertab Editor has a feature called "let ring", that sounds particularly great on acoustic guitar/piano and such. Its implementation is a bit tiresome, but I find the sound fairly essential. I currently dislike doing anything acoustic in Tuxguitar because it lacks the reverb. I can do it manually with tied notes, but it makes the score ugly. The one acoustic piece I've written in Tuxguitar, I exported to mid and used some command-line switches to timidity to give reverb to it, so it could possibly be implemented as a mixer option or similar, possibly available when used with timidity?

A lot of my tabs have acoustic elements, and I dislike using Powertab Editor because of its iffy Linux support and having to use hacks to write drum tracks.

So, please add some sort of way of getting reverb/let ring, at least in playback, since command-line switches won't work for that.


(ridiculously awesome tab editor, by the way)

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Post: May 19th 2008 at 11:28 PM

Let ring and similar effects are planned for the next version, when whole "multitrack" idea will be implemented.

Adding a reverb effect to MIDI instrument is almost trivial for implementation, but the main problem is Java Sound, which doesn't support Reverb and Phaser effect specified in the standard. Something will probably be done on that matter in coming versions of TG.

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