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Jasmin Bajric
Post: May 2nd 2008 at 11:51 AM

I am a enthusiastic user of TuxGuitar and would like to thank all of you for writing TuxGuitar. You did a really good job -- I have tried a lot of other programs like Finale, Sibelius, PowerGuitar, GuitarPro etc. but none of them reached in sum the quality of TuxGuitar! I have to mention that I use TuxGuitar in combination with "LilyPond" on Windows XP and this is the best combination I could imagine.
Well, in Germany we use to say: Nothing is so good, that it could not be improved. And this is true for TuxGuitar, too. All other mentioned music notation programs are not able to do it, and unfortunatelly TuxGuitar either: Drawing Chord and Scale Diagrams. A wounderful expample of what I mean can be found for example in the books by John Ganapes ("Blues you can Use", by HAL LEONARD). Chord diagrams (withoud any tablature) are showed in the upright position, scale diagrams in horizontal position. Sometimes it is usefull to have only some chords on the sheet of paper, or if you are learning scales then you would like to have some scale diagrams showing different finger postions -- both without any tablature.
I understand, this has nothing to do with the main focus of TuxGuitar (Guitar tablature) but it would enhance the functionality of TuxGuitar enourmusly. Guitar teacher and students could prepare the next lesson, just with some chords or scale diagrams by using TuxGuitar!

I would be happy if you could discuss this "development request" -- assumed I was able to explain my whish in the right way.

Here you can see what I mean: J. Ganapes "Blues You Can Use", at amazon.com, using "search inside", on page 6 (scale diagram) and 7 (chord diagram).

Thanks again & take care!

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