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Post: Jan 31st 2012 at 4:35 PM


Is there in TuxGuitar a possibility to give the position to play in, when entering the notes in musical notation? Because I very often know the notes in musical notation, but don't know by heart the number of the fret. So I always have to check on my guitar to get the note in the right position, which makes the tabbing much slower.

If there were just a possibility to say that it is played in e.g. 5th position (meaning your index finger on the fifth fret), then TuxGuitar would know that, when I enter a high E in musical notation, it has to write a 5 on the B-string and not a 0 on the e-string. Or if I enter an A, that it has to be a 7 on the D-string and not a 2 on the G-string.

This would be very useful and make tabbing for me (when I know the notes) much faster.

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