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Post: Jan 11th 2012 at 12:22 AM

I love tux but some freinds dont like it simply because of the midi distortion guitar sounds.. The drums can be cool, if the right drums are used!

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Post: Feb 10th 2012 at 1:30 PM

i agree! some programs or even other sound libraries sound way different on certain drums. like on the Tux guitar sound Library, 42 sounds like a closed high-hat, but on the java sound library, 42 is clearly a stick-clack.

like for me, i think the guitar sounds good, because i probably use tux guitar for at least an hour a day, every day for the past year. so when i show a tab i have written to a friend, they are like "is that supposed to be a guitar, or is that a goat?!?"

but i personally think it is not to bad. other programs are much worse. plus they cost money lol

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Post: Mar 8th 2012 at 1:45 AM

How many beats would you say you justbeats make in a week? I have on and off

weeks. beats by lady gaga Some weeks I’m making beats, some weeks I’m mixing.

But if [beats are] what I’m doing for that week I’ll usually do like two or three ideas in a night. So probably like fifteen or twenty if I’m really working but not all of

those would get finished that week. I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t just make a beat and finish it right there. Ever. Unless I’m working with an artist and I’m

making the beat for monster beats dr dre them right there. If it’s my own shit I’ll just kinda cook up a whole bunch of ideas, let them sit and then intermittently go back to one here and one

there and refine them.Yeah, beats by dre black vs white your stuff tends to be

pretty dynamic and layered. Yeah especially the soundbeds underneath the drums. They’re real manipulated and treated. I never take a sample and just leave it how it is.What

drives you to go that extra mile? For me it’s what I hear beats by dre tour white when I hear a sample or even when I play a little purple beats by dr dre headphones melody on the piano. If I’m sitting at the keyboard I’ll let the

tape run [while] I just sit and play a whole bunch of different shit. Then when I hear it, I’ll hear the whole beat, with the sample too [in my head]. I’ll know where I want

to take it. So it takes a while to get it from where I hear it in my head to where it is on the record. It takes a lot of manipulation. Headphones like Beats pride themselves on

their noise cancelling technology. Really, it's a simple way to add a small feature and $75 to the price. You really don't need any fancy battery-powered noise-cancelling device

with the ATH-M50s over your ears. People may be talking around you, or to you, but the only voice you'll hear is the iconic Robert Plant' (if you're into Led Zeppelin that is).

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