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Subject pitch bend accuracy

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Markus M-o
Post: Oct 22nd 2011 at 12:27 PM

The midi standard uses 14 bits for pitch bends, it would be nice and useful (especially for microtonalists), to be able to harness the full power of that; tuxguitar is a reasonably easy to use piece of software compared to a lot of other pieces of software for midi composing and arranging.

There is a standard unit for intervals - the cent, which corresponds to 1200(log (INTERVAL)/log 2), where interval is a ratio or surd or whatever that represents the relation between two notes. One cent corresponds to a hundredth of a semitone, and exceeds the accuracy needed by pretty much every microtonalist. However, it's a relatively intuitive unit, easy to wrap one's brain around, and is actually in use in various tuning-theoretical and microtonally-oriented publications. Most hobby microtonalists will know how many cents to add or subtract from a given note in the scale to achieve pure thirds, and various other non-western intervals of interest.

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