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Subject Suggestion #7: Bugs in Batch-file-Converter

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Post: Oct 17th 2011 at 11:21 AM

Suggestion #7: Remove Bugs from Batch-file-Converter

The batch-file-converter and TuxGuitar itself showed difficulties while importing some TablEdit-Files (.tef-format) on my computer. I presume that TablEdit uses a way of adding effects to a note that is not recognized/translated by TuxGuitar in the right way. Looks funny when TuxGuitar tells me "Fret 103 on Guitar" an tries to print that in the score... My work-around for that problem: a second computer has that TablEdit-demo installed. Loading the "killerfile" there as "*.tef " shows the changes that I have to make to the *.tg-file (not REALLY very handy...).

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