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Subject suggestion # 3: Programm-Change visible/editable

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Post: Oct 17th 2011 at 9:43 AM

Suggestion #3: Programm-Change visible/editable

Is there - except the percussion-track - any possibility to exchange the instrument while playing back a song (from within a track)? Or, could it be possible to use two (or more) non-percussion-instruments within the same track?

Yes, there is!

But this is VERY difficult to find. TuxGuitar IS INDEED changing the sound - as very first command of a track - even on connected MIDI-Hardware, when you change the GM-sound in track-properties for that track.

BUT: The Gereral MIDI-Names shown in the Track-properties are NOT the names of the voices on the Hardware (Quiz: Guess what Noise will sound next... >B^P... My Yamaha PSR-37 from 1989 has only 100 voices in a soundbank of its own, numbered from 0 to 99. Sorry, the soundbank in this device were NEVER GM-compatible!)

With MIDI it is possible to send a "program change-command" to an expander or keyboard ahead or from within a track. But that command is sent, but not visible /editable in TuxGuitar's windowy.

Ist there a way to make "programm changes" visible/editable in tabulatur/partitur, or to edit/save/reload a command-table for a specific MIDI-Device?

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