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Subject Suggestion #1/ Better GUI/Mouse-Support

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Post: Oct 17th 2011 at 9:19 AM

Enhancement for TuxGuitar: This software is really great, but I think that there could be some improvements, still ...

Let me make some suggestions.

Better GUI/Mouse-Support possible?

As an example, if I use a word-processor for a text, I can mark one or more letters, one or more words, one or more lines, one or more paragraphs or the complete file (just as needed) with the mouse-cursor or [shift]+[crsr right/down] on keyboard. Then, I can edit changes to all the text marked in my window: I can copy it to clipboard/paste it where I want, can put it in bold, make it italic, make it bigger and smaller, exchange the font... ten thousand letters or more are changed in a very short time in my window.

Well, I think it would be great to edit notes under TuxGuitar in just the same way. Just mark one or more notes, one or more measures, one or more tracks with the mouse, and then copy/paste, change the pitch (transpose) only to the marked notes, change the dynamic (loudness), edit an automatic crescendo/decrescendo, - or clear ALL effects from ALL marked notes, but leave them "still in place", with one click - ... and so on with just a few mouse-clicks. Could save much time.

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