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Post: Aug 30th 2011 at 5:52 PM

I am a classical guitar player and today I had the opportunity to give TuxGuitar a try.
What I liked:
* Linear view
* Quite capable opensource app in general

What I didn't like or would like to see get implemented:
* Seamless multi-voice support instead of explicitly separated voice1/2.
Classical guitar music is generally polyphonic and 1,2 or even more voices can be represented in a single notation staff.
I think explicity 'dividing' the music in two voices is cumbersome.
Maybe add a 'free-time' mode where every horizontal combination of any number of notes is allowed, and allowing user to make manual quantization of note values inside a measure.
* ASCII tab import
* Fingering optimization when importing MIDI
* Ability to remove individual toolbar buttons to save screen space (for example, bend button, which isn't used in classical guitar music)


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