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Subject Repeat Previous Note (and a couple other things)

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Post: Feb 2nd 2011 at 4:19 PM

The feature I'd like most is to repeat the previous note when entering tab in the editor, or even better, the most recent non-rest note. I rarely tab a particular chord only once per measure, but I have to enter it manually each time.

I also second the request for forced line breaks, it makes section differentiation so much easier to see.

Also, a minor bug that irks me, when I'm in the editor and I play a short section to make sure it sounds right, then stop the player, the cursor returns to the head of the document. I would prefer that it stay where it ended, or at least return to where it started playing from. I have to go back and search for the measure I was editing after that and it's very cumbersome.

Finally, this is kind of a wish list request and might not be feasible, but I find that when I don't set the tempo right at the outset, even cranking the tempo to the max of 320 doesn't represent the song properly (in this case a 6/4 speed metal song that I started transcribing as quarter notes at 120), and there's no way to fix it but rewrite it. What I'd like is a feature that cuts every beat to half its current duration (or double if it goes that way) so that I can adjust the tempo accordingly. I guess this would wreak havoc with measure length.

Oh, I just discovered the player speed percentage setting, which fixes my need for a preview but still leaves me with an incorrect tempo setting in the pdf file, minor enough but it would still be nice to be able to fix it.

LOVE the software though, terrific job, especially with the midi implementation.


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