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Subject Training mode with slower increment

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Post: May 9th 2010 at 9:07 PM

Hello. Training mode is really good. I never knew how to use it, but now I can select what parts to play and it is great.

I would like the option to increment after so many plays. At the moment a part that plays at 60% with an increment of 1% will become 61% the next time and if it's only a short part then it get's up to 70% too quickly.

If there is an option to increment after X many repeats, it would help me out in learning some really hard parts.

P.S. Training mode is extremely helpful. Thanks for it.

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Post: May 29th 2010 at 6:26 PM

Yeah, i would appreciate an increasement after x repeats, too.

And maybe a "independent" metronome that dont start the tab file.

Thank you!

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Post: Aug 2nd 2010 at 10:19 AM

IMO, the best option would be to have a sizable editor similar to the bend and tremolo bar editors, like this: http://i27.tinypic.com/5jw9rl.jpg, where x(horizontal) is the number of the loop and y(vertical) is the tempo in that loop. You could, of course, change the total sum of the loops and the hop between different tempos.

The reason to do an editor like this instead of just giving parameters like "from 50% to 120% tempo, increase by 2% after 10 loops" is that a tempo curve similar to the picture(starting from quite slow, slowly increasing to as fast as you can play, and going back about half way to a tempo you can quite comfortably play in) is more efficient than a straight line from slow tempo to high tempo. Also, showing the current tempo and the number of the loop would be easy if the editor would be shown all the time as an separate window, where the current loop and tempo would be highlighted.

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