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Heiner Valverde
Post: Jul 21st 2009 at 8:50 PM


I am coming here just to provide some feedback about TuxGuitar.

Well I am using Ubuntu 9.04 since then I have been having problems with Guitar Pro, so I decided to give Tux Guitar a try.

Tux Guitar is amaizing!! I love it because it gives me a great powerfull tool for my everyday use with my guitar but I have to complain about the GUI.

There are many things on the GUI for TuxGuitar that are missing or have to be changed.

For example, I have not found a place in Tux Guitar to see, while I play or create music on it, if the bars have been fully filled with all the required notes.

Also the guitar neck should be removable, not completely attached to Tux Guitar main window so I can take advantage of it and move it to another desktop and still continue playing with it.

Since I have not seen any part to create drums, unless you insert the midi code (something that for many musicians it's not very useful but still is great for many others ;) )so I was thinking if we can create something like this:


This is the EzDrummer app, I have heard is very incredible and useful, will be great if we can create something similar and add it like a new feature for the next version.

I would love to work on this if the community approves it, the thing is that I have stopped developing software more than one year ago, so it will be hard to start it up :P

But this takes me to another point, the GUI is too big, will be excellent if Tux Guitar icons will be smaller and simple, I know this will depend on the skin, so why not make a standard for skins and then create from scratch a new skin that will come with Tux Guitar and so the community can create great skins for the software.

This last point will change also the way that is displayed the partitures and the tablatures.

Well that will be all I have to say at this moment, I will appreciate you feedback, any case write me at dylian17[at]gmail[dot]com.

I would love to help with the project ;)

Greetings from Costa Rica!!


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