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Subject voices, tracks and standard printed document

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Post: May 18th 2009 at 3:30 AM

Most musicians, professional ones that is, use the printed format where you can have on key notation the melody and the chords mentionned by names, with or without diagrams, above the notation structure, and would not necessarily show the tablature.
I was not able to produce that with Tux 1.1. It seems you can only print (PDF, that is) 1 track at a time, and this print will show either key notation + chords or tablature + chords or both, but never the key notation of track 1 and the chords of track 2. It would be very very useful to be able to do that because it would produce the standard document most professionals or trained musicians are used to : melody + chords names (and not chord note notation + chords names/diagrams).
What do you say? Would it be feasible in the next release?
Let me know if I was not clear enough, as it's not always easy to describe such a visual matter.

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Post: May 18th 2009 at 2:35 PM

You will make me crazy :)

>> Most musicians, professional ones that is,
We can discuss it a long time, I don't think that it's proffessional, professional musicans only uses scores ( no tablatures, no chord names/diagrams, no tuxguitar :p ).
However, i understand your point.

Well we have some things here..

* The reason of only one track for now,
is about a size thing.
it's not easy work, when the area ( page size ) is static ( no scrolls, no dynamic ).
Sometimes, when me you or anybody uses the application
think these kind of things
but when you are developing it, you need to think a lot of user cases, measures of 12/4 using 1/64 notes, when it's very very hard to put all in a static area without resize it.

Ofcourse with full work it can be done, but there are other priorities now.

* What you look for, is some kind of "merge tracks"
Display track 1 chords, into track 2.
Merge tracks is not a supported feature of tuxguitar
so ofcourse it will no work on print too..

now my question is... why don't you add the chords on the track 2 ??
you don't need show the chord tablature to add a chord.
you just can put 1 different note, and add a chord over this note ( as a Lead + Rhythm track )

you can do something lile this on same track:
__C ( chord name)

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Post: May 31st 2009 at 7:19 PM

Sorry for the trouble actually. I was looking for a printed version where only melody and chord names would show up, so that professional musicians (with other instruments than guitar) would be satisfied playing with me from that print. I know you get it and I realize it can be quite hard to develop in this context.

To answer your point about last suggestion, I met the following difficulty when trying it, and that was why I started the above suggestion:
Quite often you'll have measures where melody ceases and chords keep rolling on. When you enter a chord, this generates the tablature positions, and if you erase them to keep only the chord name, this chord name stays only if you keep one of its note present on tablature. The moment you erase the last chord note, the chord name disappear, thus not allowing a void measure with chord name only... However, most other musicians will meet this when the melody part gets silent to let them blow instrumental and impro parts.
Do you see what I mean?

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Post: Jun 5th 2009 at 11:09 PM

Yes i understand what you need.

but not, why you need it on same paper.

If you are playing a song.. with a friend..
* You play lead
* Your friend the chords..

Why can't you just print both tracks ?

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Post: Jun 6th 2009 at 10:03 PM

Because the other friend needs to see the lead melody and measures while following the chords, in order to be completely free either to accompany or to blow impro. And if you look at usual prints from "Real Jazz Book" or any other such standard print material, I am sure you'll agree with me that's the standard way to print music sheets for professional musicians, won't you?

Now what you say is true too, and with several prints one can always compensate for that need, but it would be very helpful to have the standard print.

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Post: Jun 8th 2009 at 2:41 PM

Well, no i'm not really agree with that of "professional musicians"

For professionals, you need a multitrack export..
merge 2 tracks in one, isn't professional.
A person who studied music, can follow you playing the song with only one score ( looking time signature, notes and rests ) you only need play with same tempo and follow the beats. This is professional, and this is what you learn on a music school.

Multitrack scores, are usefull for these people ( don't know the english name ) that leads an orchesta , so they need see all instruments at same time.

anyway, the story here is the paper size.
this is the reason because we don't support multitracks on print. we need to do something to fix that problem and then support it. but merging tracks is not a solution.. it's more hard than print in multitrack.

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Post: Jun 12th 2009 at 3:26 PM

Ok, I understand your point about the multi-track export. However, don't you agree that printing that has the exact same look than a "Real Jazz Book" print is a professionnal standard? The point I am making is simply this: whether one has to merge tracks or think about a new way for tracks rather (like allowing chords and melody for a track), it would be very useful to have a print out which could have the exact same look as a "Real Jazz Book" one or any other "Real Book" one.

Do you think it will be possible in the next release?

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Post: Jun 29th 2009 at 3:35 PM

I never saw a "Real Jazz Book", but i studied music ( no guitar, no piano, just music ). I know there are a lot of ways to display music.. there are other books that just show you the lyrics, and chords ( here we call it "cancionero" ), but beleibe me that if you call it professional in a music school.. its some kind of "heretic"..

anyway, i really understand what you need.
but it's not so easy to do.. (add multitrack print is very easier than merge tracks )
When you think on a feature like it, you need to think on a lot of scenarios ( or cases.. not sure the english word )

i mean, you are thinking on what you need, and the final result you want.
but you need think.. at merge time, what happen with incompatibility things.

what happen if you have 2 chords at same beats on different tracks ? ( when you merge the tracks, one of these chords must be removed )

what happens, if the second track have notes, that conflicts with the first track.

what happens if second track have different tunning than the first..

i can write a lot of questions like these.
some could be easy to answer, but some not..
but i as developer must think on all of these posibilities before design on a feature, because each end user, can use the feature with different purposes and the application must work for all.

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