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Subject A couple of suggestions

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Post: May 15th 2009 at 5:40 PM

Working in tuxguitar 1.1 and previously using GP5, I noticed some things that really bother me while I'm tabing. I'll make a list.

1)A black square that follows the current measure should have a (white) border around, because it is not visible when the track is painted black.

2)When copying a measure, it is not practical to have the 'all tracks' option selected by default. I'd like it to be the other way around.

3)It would be a really nice feature if you could fit volume sliders on the actual tracks so we don't have to use the mixer. Also, solo/mute flags.

4)I would like to be able to play a measure from any position, not always from the start.

5)Is there a way to move guitar neck to be on top of the window, I'm kinda used to that feature.

This is really a great program and I hope you will add at least some of the features mentioned. Some of them are really small, but they mean a lot, especially the first two.

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