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Post: May 1st 2009 at 6:10 PM

I'm a brand new Tuxguitar user and I'd like to start off by saying Well done. When I first started playing guitar all my friends told me to use powertab. However as a FOSS kinda person and after realising that Powertab hadn't been updated in Years I stumbled across this program.

However I still have some issues. First I would like to see some basic implentation of Coda segno etc as some of my tabs seen to spin off into forever mostly because of the lack of repeat options.

Secondly I would very much appreciate the ability to save in the .ptb format as many of my friends are not what you'd call computer literate and are simply not willing to make the switch from powertab. ASCII and PDF are fine but sometimes say for example when collaborating on writing or tabbing a piece it is simply not fair to expect them to write out everything I've written into powertab by themselves.

Rant over. Keep up the good work.

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Post: Oct 28th 2009 at 1:18 AM

I found that you can export in MIDI, and in Powertab you can import the MIDI, then save as a .ptb file, However, i do agree that an export function would be better.

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