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Post: Apr 8th 2009 at 12:09 AM

Hello. I have some ideas. I hope they help. I'm using Tux Guitar 1.1 for Mac

- Use different colors to identify first and second voices.

-In the window of squares indicating the bars and tracks:
---- marks could be indicated, using thicker lines between squares, or allowing different colors in the same track (so it could be colors by track or by bar set).
---- copy and paste could be accessed by right clicking each square (so not only in the tab window, but also in this navigation windows).

- Volume, solo and silence options could be placed in a smaller mixer window that stays on top while open, so the play function could be used while setting the volume.

- In the chord window, it would be helpful if notes are showed below the chord diagram.

Maybe it is good idea to include some support for standar voicings for guitar and piano (for example, drop 2 and drop 3 for guitar)

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