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Subject "D.S. al Coda/Fine", etc. + Riff referencing

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Post: Mar 29th 2009 at 4:22 PM

First, a suggestion for this web site: a search tool for these forums would be very handy!

Second, to the developers: you've done a very nice job and created a very impressive program. Kudos and respect to you for a job well done!

The downside to doing such a good job though is that when you provide so many good features, the ones that are missing hurt all the more ;-)

The main thing I sorely miss having is greater navigation control over the music -- D.S. al Coda, D.S. al Fine, D.C. al Fine, To Coda, etc. To me, that would be a huge help in creating scores.

My second suggestion for TuxGuitar would be the ability to designate one or more measures as being "Riff 1" or "Riff 2" etc. so that in other parts of the composition you can specify "with Riff 1, 4x", like you often see in guitar transcriptions.

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