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Post: Dec 30th 2008 at 12:36 AM

Just about every sound problem can be solved by reading and applying the instructions in the Documentation / Common Problems / No Sound In Tuxguitar? section. It's accurate, solid information for troubleshooting your Sound problems. A lot of good work went into it, so make use of it. (No, I am not a developer of Tuxguitar, but I am a programmer and can appreciate a good work and documentation when I see it.) Thank you tux guys!

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Post: Jan 10th 2009 at 1:17 PM

This is good advice. Note that PeacePipe is referring to the documentation on the website, not the documentation under the Help menu in the software itself. I checked there first and could not find the Common Problems section. I eventually thought to check on the website and the guidance was perfect. In a few minutes I had the sound working.

Thank you PeacePipe!

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Post: Jan 10th 2009 at 3:01 PM

The issue of it, is the multiplatform problems.
We have about 6 sound plugins on tuxguitar, so each one may uses different configuration.
But it is confused for a new user, that read documentation of something that he haven't..
Suppose that a windows user have sound problems.
he read somehting about install timidity, try if snd_seq module is loaded, etc..... (this doc is valid for Linux only, and timidity for tuxguitar-alsa, or tuxguitar-oss only).

What we need here, is split documentation for each platform.
so, win users will see one doc, gnu/linux other, and macos other..
But we have another problem too.. is that the GNU/Linux distributions, and ways to install software.

If you download the files from here, i can know what exactly did you installed to put docs.

but if you installed if from your distribution repositories, it's different. because you may don't have all plugins installed.
Suppose that you don't have tuxguitar-alsa installed.
you may spend time reading how to configure tuxguitar with timidity. and it will never works.

Note: the doc, is currently HTML.
it don't have access to know what plugins do you have installed.

I think that each plugin need to have his own documentation, so when you install one, it should be added.
but the doc problem is almost times write it..
and know all problems.
Sometimes something that happens to one user, don't happens to other, because it depends on the sound driver installed on the OSS..
there is for example a really known problem of java sound api under unix like OS.

But not all users have this problems, and not all users can solve it with that instructions.

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Post: Mar 22nd 2009 at 2:10 PM

I have been wrestling with trying to get this program working for a few weeks now and have all the same issues as 99% of all the other people I read on this forum have with the 'no sound" traumas and not to mention also many other forums on the same. I have managed to get it to work off and on, but most of the time it just dumps the sound if I start to use another sound program.

I fully agree with Julian and this program is not 'Non Tech Geek' friendly. I dont intend to go into the millions of details ive tried, but yes i have tried all on this Common Problems page for sure

PeacePipe I read through the docs you mentioned but it is just way to minimal for the whole host of issues faced with trying to get SuxGuitar working for the regular person.

I have not to many issues using linux systems which we all know takes some degree of 'Geekedness". But this program needs to be rethought over I feel. Or at the minimum, have a decent help file so we don't have to search for days to find a solution. Really, I am at the point of dumping it and trying something else.


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Post: Mar 22nd 2009 at 5:14 PM

jskywalk, i thougth a lot of times on take a time to write a good document.
But what to put there ? if each distribution have it's own configuration mode, if each sound driver works different in same distributions.
At the end you'll have a very big document, by OS, distribution, sound card, that may not be easy to read for a desktop user.

tuxguitar is not an OS, we can suggest the user what to do, but we can't do nothing if MIDI don't works.

we allways suggest use timidity (or fluidsynth) for GNU/Linux users.
but after "pulseaudio" inclusion timidity stopped work for a lot of users. we are not pulseaudio,or timidity developers, so how can we tell the users how to solve their problem, if we don't have the answer.

> but most of the time it just dumps the sound if I start to use another sound program.
Are you using "Java Sound Synthesizer" ?
this is the most poor choice.
The only adventaje of it, is that i came installed with java (from Sun).
If you install any Alsa software synthesizer you should not have this problem.

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Post: Mar 16th 2011 at 9:39 AM

I bought a music instruction CD and was really looking forward to playing along with a band. All i want it to do is work and have sound.

I can play heaps of other MIDI files but not this. The help section is of no use to me - do you have to be a programmer? Why can't it just plug n play. I have tried various options as a moderately experienced computer user to no avail.

This program is crap.

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Post: Mar 16th 2011 at 9:55 AM

What does that mean - a "music instruction CD" ??? Are you saying the CD has midi files on it and you aren't able to import them into Tux?

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