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Subject Can't insert a note under the F on the piano track

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Joe Linux
Post: Dec 22nd 2008 at 9:19 AM


I'm triying to write a track fot the piano, this is a conpound of two track, a G: one (upper) and a F: one (lower notes)

The problem is i can't insert lower notes the the main F on the F: track

(sorry i also have problem with the english music vocabulary... :-)

Do i have missed something ?

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Post: Dec 25th 2008 at 7:32 PM

It is because tuxguitar is a "tablature" editor. and as it, you can't insert more notes than strings you have, as you can't add notes out of tunings.
if you want to simulate a real piano track, you'll need to use 2 tracks (one for treeble and other for bass)
and set the track tunings as you need.

however i think that you need is a real score editor instead of tablature editor. i suggest you rosegarden for gnu/linux.

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