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Post: Nov 14th 2008 at 11:48 PM

I have 8 tracks on a piece and when I add a 9th track, it adds a flute track rather than a piano track and whenever I attempt to change the voice on the 9th track, it does the exact thing to the other flute track. I'm stuck with two tracks that just change together.

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Post: Nov 15th 2008 at 10:13 AM

This is because there are only 16 MIDI Channels.

On MIDI, you don't set an instrument to a track. you set it to a channel. every track on tuxguitar, as default uses 2 channels. (1 for normal notes and 2 for effects), with "percussion exception, because it's allways channel 9.

If you have all channels used, so when you add a track, you are using a channel already used, so this cause that you can't set different instruments, volumes, etc..

The solution for this issues, is to manually manage channels.
you can open the mixer, "View -> Show Mixer".
And you'll see at the top of each track 2 drop down lists.

the first is the track channel. the second is the track "effect" channel.

If you have 2 tracks using same instrument (e.g Electric Guitar) so you can use same channel for both tracks.

If you have any track that don't have "pitchbend" effects .( vibrato, bend, slides, tremolo bars )
You can just set the effect channel same as normal channel.
e.g: as default, first track have channels "1 and 2" you can make it as "1 and 1". so then, channel 2 will be free.

The problem of use same channel for normal and bend notes, is like on instruments.. you don't set pitch bends to a note.. you set it to a channel. so if you have a note that have a pitch bend, all notes at same beat will play this effect.

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