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Post: Oct 22nd 2008 at 10:06 PM


I've been trying to convert some of my files to Tuxguitar.

I imported, have a bunch of tracks, etc. There is some sort of bug with the timing which I can't offer much information on except to say that notes were getting shifted a 64th early and I had to edit half the song by hand (3-5 tracks, I forget).

At any rate, after having fixed all this, I realized that it imported the guitar as a 7 string (I detune). There isn't a shifter tool handy that I can see, and I can't set it back to a 6 string without it deleting the bottom line. What it looks like I'll have to do is manually and retune the top 6 strings, manually shift each up, then set it back to 6 strings.

Anyway, Powertab has a Shifter tool that lets you shift all notes by a desired amount (string or notewise), and also (I believe) lets you set the tuning on import.

Both of these features would be handy.

(Tuxguitar is awesome, btw, sorry to bitch)

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Post: Oct 22nd 2008 at 10:14 PM

A minute or two after writing that, I thought "I bet that's what the 'offset' bit is on import. If that is the case, maybe it should be made a little more obvious? It naturally didn't occur to me that that would be at any way related anytime I've imported anything. (Note: I'm a moron)

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