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Subject CCFLAGS & fluidsynth plugin patches

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Post: Sep 29th 2008 at 3:58 AM

As required with fedora package submission policies I have to bring into your attention the problems I encountered while compiling and I had to patch the source code.

1) CCFLAGS patch. The following patch makes it possible for me to pass (with export) additional CCFLAGS to gcc:

2) The fluidsynth plugin directory carries no Makefile. This patch adds the Makefile to that directory:

I'd be happy if you consider using these patches in your next release.

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Post: Sep 29th 2008 at 10:57 AM


Hey note that we had lines like:
CFLAGS+=-I$(shell gcj -print-file-name=include/)

but, we removed them just because with them it makes GCJ as dependency to build tuxguitar while you can build it with any other JDK.
You can try yourself to uninstall GCJ libraries and try to build this library.
E.j, if you'ld like to build it with openJDK JNI headers,
you need to use:
-I$JAVA_HOME/include -I$JAVA_HOME/include/linux

but if you don't have GCJ installed, CFLAGS+= may cause a line like:
-I -I$JAVA_HOME/include -I$JAVA_HOME/include/linux

And as first -I is empty you'll get an error.

I'll see GNUMakefile for fluidsynth GCJ ( i thought it was available but now see that it didn't exist on SVN :) )


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Post: Sep 29th 2008 at 2:50 PM

I understand. But there should be a more elegant solution.
- We put an if-clause so it picks up the correct line according to the compiler.
- In the Makefile we can use something like
%.o: %.c
${CC} ${WARN} ${CFLAGS} -c -o $@ $<
Now I can export WARN beforehand with the flags I want so I don't have to bother with CFLAGS at all.

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