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Subject Changed key doesn't show in Lilypond export

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Post: Jul 19th 2008 at 4:40 PM

I had entered a tab with four sharps, then exported to Lilypond, and only then noticed that it was more properly in 5 sharps.

so I selected the beginning note and set the Composition/Key to 5 sharps, and unchecked "apply at the end"; the TuxGuitar display shows the correct notes and accidentals, but the Lilypond export still shows 4 sharps with all A's sharped.

is there any way to force a new global key signature? When I originally added the 4 sharps (after seeing how all F, C, G and D were sharp, but missed the A's) it rendered correctly in the change from C-natural to E, but now the change from E to B seems to get undone in the export.

could there be two "change key" entries now in the tg data file? I don't know lilypond, but can I just edit that file and fix it up?

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Post: Jul 19th 2008 at 5:43 PM

Hi, i'll see about it on lilypond exporter.. it may be a bug on the plugin.

> is there any way to force a new global key signature?
TuxGuitar don't use a "global" key.

On tuxguitar all measures, have a "key signature".
if measure 2 have same key as 1, so it don't display it on the screen, but internally it have it.

So, if you want a global key, you only need to set a key signature to the "first measure" and apply it to the end.

but, if lilypond exporter have a bug.. it not will be solved by adding removing keys.. i'll be solved only overriting the buggy code.

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