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Subject all the instruments sound like piano

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Post: Oct 27th 2006 at 4:16 PM


I've got a strange problem here - every instrument I choose sounds like some variation of piano, every guitar, every bass, every drum.. They all sound different, but still.. just like they had been mixed with piano sound..

I haven't had this all the time. Maybe it's some package I've upgraded.. I don't know. I just tried version 0.7 and it sounds just the same.

Any suggestions?

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Post: Oct 27th 2006 at 4:27 PM

Oh, I just discovered it's just 1 file. I tried copying all the measures and pasting them into new file, but it didn't help.

BTW, I sent that file to a friend who opened it with Guitar Pro 5 and he said it sounded right.. distortion guitar was really distortion guitar :)

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