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Subject LilyPond - Small but easy request

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Mark Clark
Post: Jul 7th 2008 at 6:20 PM

Tablature exists so musicians can explain to each other in detail exactly how a piece is played. But since tab is often not treated as a musical score, we often ignore the small details seen in professionally published music.

But with LilyPond output (thank you TuxGuitar guys) we can now create publishable tabs. One small thing that is consistently missing in the LilyPond output is the traditional end of score bar symbol. Most published music has a narrow bar followed closely by a heavy bar to close out the final measure of the score. In LilyPond, that symbol is generated by coding...

a backslash character
the word "bar" (no quotes)
a space
a double quote mark
the vertical bar character "|"
a period
a closing double quote mark

If the LilyPond output plugin could insert this sequence just after the closing brace "}" that precedes the final backslash-pageBreak sequence (i.e., at the end of the score) the resulting LilyPond printouts will look more professional.

I know it's very easy for me to insert this code but it's also easy to get it into the software.


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Post: Jul 7th 2008 at 8:35 PM

i really don't understand :) (my bad english )

can you paste a "little" example here ?

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Mark Clark
Post: Jul 8th 2008 at 12:42 AM

It's hard to post code here on the forum because the escape characters get eaten by the board.

What I'm talking about is the LilyPond bar command described on page 80 of the LilyPond manual. It can be used to force normal bar lines between measures and to add special bar types when needed.

I'll take a chance and try an html code line below...

bar "|."

If it doesn't look right, I may be able to construct a document with the needed graphics and code pieces to explain things.

Thanks for taking an interest.

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Post: Jul 8th 2008 at 11:39 AM

Mark, don't worry about the "chars".
i allways receibe a text/plain mail when anybody write a post.
By other hand, i must to fix it with "replace" for all special html chars. so when i'll have time i'll do that and the post will see "Ok" (because on database, the post is saved as you write)

So, here i'm looking: " bar "|." ", but i see on the mail what you paste:
<code>ar "|."</code>

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