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Subject Unstable tempo (sync problem?) on 1.0rc2

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Post: Mar 17th 2008 at 10:38 PM

I was glad to see the new version coming and had installed 1.0rc2(BitRock installer) on WinXP SP2 Home at my Asus F3C notebook (it has Realtek audio).
I like the new skin and plugin system ...
I`ve noticed that while playing songs the tempo changes noticably and unpredictably, making all the song messed up. The tempo intervals between notes become probablistic =)
Tested with gp* files.
Java2se runtime version is 1_4_2_17 (fresh from Sun), font and media installed. System load was low (no more than 10%)

TG settings was at TuxGuitar Sequencer with Java Sound Synth
.If set to Java sound sequencer, all the tracks (except for the drums) are played with piano, but the tempo stability seems to be ok. Java sequencer seems to work only with Java synth. Other synth doesnt make any change to the sound. With
TuxGuitar Sequencer these don`t make sound at all.
And, the system internal synth names in RU(CP1251) locale are displayed incorrect(not cyrillyc).

Thanks for the good product, hope this can be solved ...

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Post: Mar 18th 2008 at 10:36 PM


current version of tuxguitar is JRE1.4 compat, but not all plugins have that compatibility.
the tuxguitar-jsa plugin (java sound api) needs jre1.5 or later.
Unfortunatly, the plugin compile without problems on 1.4, so you don´t see "error messages" as you should.
but java sound api on 1.4 is not a real time sequencer as tuxguitar need.

The problem of tuxguitar-jsa under 1.4 are:

* Java Sequencer: it´s not realtime so tuxguitar will not able to change instrument, volume, solo, mute, etc.
as you told, you listen allways piano.. because it can be changed in realtime by tuxguitar.
i'm sure you are listening the metronome too (even if you have disabled it)

* Java Synthesizer: it have all what tuxguitar need. but for any reason, the JRE1.4 version is very very slowly.
and that cause the tempo delay as you decribed.

> TuxGuitar Sequencer these don`t make sound at all.
No, a sequencer never play sounds. it the synthesizer who do this.
the sequencer, is who say "when" the sound should be played.

I suggest you install JRE1.5 or later, and you will solve this problems.
but if you want keep the 1.4 version, you'll need build and install tuxguitar-winmm plugin (maded to make possible the GCJ release, but not installed as default on normal releases)

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Post: Mar 24th 2008 at 9:25 PM

Thank you, Julian! that`s what I was suspecting. With JRE 1.6u5 installed the playback is (almost) stable. Now there`s 2 sequencers, java and realtime. I can still note some delays, but i had a feeling that Realtime Sequencer is more stable.

When i`ve said that synth doesn make a sound i`ve meant that when TuxGuitar sequencer was selected, there wasn`t any sound at all. Anyway, the problem is gone. Maybe it`s needed to write Java requirements somewhere on the site so the people will avoid the problem like this. And that the sound bank must be installed - too...

Also i have a feeling that some notes sound not precise in time, making overlap with ones played after them. Need to investigate more into this, however ...

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