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Subject windows fail to start (MSVCR71.dll not found)

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Post: Oct 17th 2007 at 9:37 AM

I just installed TuxGuitar on Win XP Pro machine. When I try to launch it, it gives the error that it "failed to start because MSVCR71.dll was not found" and says reinstalling might help (it didn't).

Then it says "Error in Java launcher. Error while launching program with JVM."

There are two matching files on my computer--
C:Program FilesJavajre1.6.0_02bin
C:Program FilesCommon FilesJavaUpdateBase Imagesjre1.6.0.b105patch-jre1.6.0_02.b06

So I'm guessing its a problem w/ running Java that's not 1.5 or TuxGuitar is looking in the wrong place. Suggestions?

(And I know very little so please be patient and clear in your answers, thanks.)

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Post: Oct 17th 2007 at 2:30 PM

Hi.. i think the problem is the launcher file ( *.exe ) who needs that MSVCR71.dll ..
you you can do 2 things..
1_ use the "tuxguitar.bat" script launcher.
that file has not a direct access. so you will found going to the folder where tuxguitar was installed.. ( e.g "C:/Program Files/tuxguitar-0.9.1/" )

2_ the other solution is by installing that missing DLL..
download it here:
Unzip it, and then copy "MSVCR71.dll" To "C:/windows/system32/"

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Post: Oct 25th 2007 at 10:11 PM

It's already in the System 32 folder. And I'm not clear on what you mean by your first solution (like I said, I know very little).

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Post: Aug 22nd 2008 at 10:34 AM

Maybe you just need to download it?

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