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Post: Aug 5th 2007 at 5:09 PM

Here are some problem I found in 0.9.1.

I precise that I open directly a file by browsing with nautilus, and then I open the file (with command "aoss tuxguitar").

I run Ubuntu 7.04

So :

- The file get the name "Untitled" in the window-title (é_é !)
- The elevator down (for the preview track with colors etc...) isn't appearing since I don't click in it
- The size of the preview track isn't optimised when a file is open, so each time I got something with more than 3 tracks, I need to resize-it...
- If I quit the program, it doesn't ask me "do you want to save changes ???" (very annoying !!!)
- when you click on an item (like "Scale" of the guitar thing), and then try to use SPACE to play/pause track, if fails (since the selection is on button...)
- There is no icon for Piano... Almost forgot there got one in 0.9.0... :D
- The PLAYER menu ony have Play and Stop....

Anyway, some suggestions :

- About the guitar-view : can we get something to see the note ? On the side or something ? I always need to scale C major to see the notes (same for Piano as well...)
- Getting Sound/Mute/volume directly on preview tack/Instrument list. Or maybe you should just make the Mixer horizontally instead of vertically, so I can be continous of the instrument order
- What about Viewing marquer in preview-track ??? This really miss :)
- To see the CAPO ("offset") in the guitar view...
- A real selector of instrument !!! (Too long list !!) And I think the general propretie thing is to see again, but I thing you already thinked of this, no ? :)

Tuxguitar really comes interesting. Julian, do you still have plans to make a C++ version ??? Since we got now ALSA plugin, I don't think it's a priority...

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Post: Aug 6th 2007 at 11:11 AM

Well, i'll see the problems/suggestions..
some of them are on a TODO list

>do you still have plans to make a C++ version ???
that's a future plan.. but as a new project.

>Since we got now ALSA plugin, I don't think it's a priority.
also, next version. ( ready on CVS ) will works under GCJ.
So you can build a "native" version. and it depends on GPL libraries.
but there are some features (plugins on next version) that don't work yet. like tuxguitar-pdf, and tuxguitar-midi fileformats. so they need work.

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Post: Apr 18th 2008 at 10:19 AM

Hi, I wrote a new song yesterday and I made a mistake in clicking on "First" (backwards). I clicked a "New" (file) icon and if the confirme dialog appears I pressed ESC. The new file opened and my song lost :'(

It's very terrible bug and It made me very angry.

In spite of that it's great program. Thx :)

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Post: Apr 18th 2008 at 10:21 AM

Sorry, I forgot... It's version 1.0-r3 on Windows Vista :/

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Post: Apr 18th 2008 at 11:35 AM

Ok, i fixed it now. thanks for report!

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