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Post: Feb 4th 2012 at 7:54 AM

Your height, body tory burch weight condition, whether to need the specially facile track shoes or quite heavy, but solid;??Foot's measurement, size, whether to have the special foot sickness, judges whether needs to widen the measurement the track shoes, at present some brand's track shoes, have extra for the fat foot running preparation enrichment of soil funds track shoes, has this aspect demand to run may pay attention;??Before whether once wai the foot or other did sprain, if had, should better choose the protection dynamics big some track shoes;??At present jogs every week the physiological load of exercise, jogs the place, do not for COOL, put on the tar surfaceThe TRAIL track shoes jog;Observes track shoes which you put on now, specially shoe sole's attrition situation, judges you outside whether to tory burch heels have caret-shaped and in the caret-shaped foot phenomenon. If shoe heel one side wears is more than another one side seriously, may explain initially you have the caret-shaped foot custom. Or invites the friend time you jog From following observes your custom posture, may also quite accurate make the judgment.??Which places do your present track shoes have to have the ill feeling, is not only foot's department question, hind leg of some time movement hurts, the lumbago, even to have a headache is possible and the track shoes is inappropriate concerns. Discovers the question, in chooses new shoes' time pays attention especially. Chooses track shoes' other small know-how.Time buys the shoes is to put on, buys the track shoes are jog puts on, time therefore the sock which, chooses the track shoes should better be able to put on you usually tory burch shoes to jog puts on, like this could be quite accurate in shoes' measurement.

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Post: Apr 27th 2012 at 8:44 AM

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