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The third step: Takes a braid to the forehead
Post: Jan 11th 2012 at 9:12 AM

Second step, divides into the horse's tail four ghd pink orchid australia, forms three pigtail braids separately. The third step: Takes a braid to the forehead winding, is fixed with the U hair clip. The fourth step: Takes another 13 pigtail braid to twine from left to right, similarly uses the U hair clip to be fixed. The fifth step: Similarly takes a braid winding to be fixed. The sixth step: Takes the braid to go around the calyx to use the hair clip last to be fixed. Completion. Mild-mannered long hair on simple receives, after publishing, the three-dimensional calyx effect, matches the small swirl to embellish again, neat and delightful does not conflict. Looked frequently the Japanese magazine MM should not be able to be strange to lena. Right, she is the delight which in many female students minds hundred change is the goddess! Today slightly arranges inventories this sweet elder sister several sections for everybody sufficiently sweetly to the hairstyle which lets you move, feels lena together the acme beautiful humanity! Short version's egg roll highlights the young smart-alecky lovable feeling, ingenious has utilized kerchief's decoration, lets lena delightful lovable unfold at the same time incisively, card ha Iraq! Fills the young girl flavor the braid to brim with the fresh countryside wind, the woods females' first choice hairstyle! The sending curl has been delightful is the girl most loves, the thick uneven bangs have increased the lovable feeling, ponders ten full ultra big butterfly knots to send the band to get up for the overall modelling adds the finishing touch, is likely in the cartoon went out the young girl is the same. Ultra big volume fluffy feeling ten full lotus leaf heads, delightful lovable, matches head harness's utilization to build the 60s to restore the old the flavor. Minute egg roll builds the delightful concubine mood, the romantic flower bud silk hairlace outlines the goddess the gas sense of reality, matched the long skirt to carry over the thick foreign land character and style taste. On fluffy egg roll gripped the vulnerable point, the making favorable balance of trade human spirit apple head, lovable also good, the individuality was also good, plays leads also good, smart-alecky also good! The short curl can also be so delightful!

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