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Subject The body endocrine disorders, the cause eye week

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The body endocrine disorders, the cause eye week
Post: Dec 31st 2011 at 8:03 AM

Intrinsic factor: The body endocrine cheap ray ban sunglasses disorders, the cause eye week flesh fat secretes excessively many, simultaneously has also not obtained prompt thorough clean, causes to present one small fat grain. External factor: The use skin appliances are too greasy, cause the skin detention next many not the nutrition which absorbs completely.Q: Has used the good eye frost frequently on association president the fat grain, could not solve the eye week with the general eye frost to be dry, should the water scarcity condition, how manage?A: Was not the good eye frost has used association president the fat grain, chose these water qualities the nutrition eye frost, the coordinate essence element class retina, will solve your problem.For some people do not let the face do or present the crow's foot, has used the too greasy skin appliances or the eye frost, enables the skin full to absorb completely, period of time from now on, the face will have formed many fat grains.

For details - except ocular region's ray ban sunglasses australia fat nigrosine crystal eye socket's formation and the following factor related: Sleep insufficiency, weary excessively, enables the eyelid not to be able to obtain the rest, is at the intense contraction schedule, this spot's blood stream quantity long time increases, causes the eye socket Subcutaneous tissue blood vessel full, thus causes the eye socket extravasated blood, under detention gloomy black shadow; The kidney is mad the loss, causes two to lack the essence moistening, causes the black to float on, therefore black eye; Long illness is physically weak or at the beginning of the big sickness the person, because around the eye the Subcutaneous tissue is weak, the skin easy to have the pigmentation, and extremely easy to reveal that on the top and bottom eyelid, presents a black circle; Abnormal menstruation female, after like functionality uterine hemorrhage, primary painful menstruation, menstruation ahead of time, wrong, the menstrual period is excessively long oversized, after the quantity and so on, will present the dark pouches.After the dark pouches forms, should act appropriately to the situation, consults doctor, discovers the cause of disease, immediate cure;

Must maintain the spirit is happy discount sunglasses , reduces the spiritual burden, lives in a disorderly way, controls the tobacco and liquor, safeguards the sufficient sleep, urges the vitality to be exuberant, the appearance glows; Strengthens ocular region's massage, the improvement partial blood circulation condition, reduces the extravasated blood detention; Maintains the ocular region skin's nutrition supply, spreads including the oil, the moisture content sufficient eye frost, causes the ocular region skin and the Subcutaneous tissue is vital; The attention absorbs the nutrition from the diet, eats the lean meat, the egg class, the bean product, the peanut, the soybean, the sesame seed, the green goods and the fruit and so on, contains the fat, the protein, the amino acid, Vitamin A and mineral substance food richly.After the dark pouches forms, in the home, may the potato slice, paste in the ocular region, approximately 4~5 minutes; Or stains the tea with the gauze to spread nearby the eye socket scratches, reduces the dark pouches. May also arrive in the beauty shop to carry on special processing. Edits this section to go to the eye wrinkle methodEye skin all around only includes the few fat, and the eyelid is the human body thinnest skin, is frail, the easy dropsy, very easy to grow the wrinkle, and along with age growth, but deepens unceasingly. In order to prevent or postpone the eye week wrinkle the occurrence, presently introduces some health care method.

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