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Subject Where are switches to activate MIDI-Sequencing?

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Post: Oct 17th 2011 at 12:57 PM

Subject: Where the heck are the switches for the midi-sequencer/program change?

I' suffering of the MIDI-lag!

I'm using TuxGuitar 2.1, an USB-MIDI-Port on WIN XP prof. with a Pentium IV at 2 GHz, 1GB RAM. As MIDI IN-/OUT machine I use an (elderly) YAMAHA PSR-37 and a new USB to MIDI-Connector.

I already know the difference between "Remote Control"- and "Intern"-Mode on the keyboard, and I'm able to toggle between the two modes. And, under TG, I used F7 => Sound to switch from JavaSound over to USB-Audio-Device (and tested every choices there!) - no signals received at TuxGuitar, while "Edit" was on.

The MIDI-OUT-Signal of TG is recognized and is audible on the PSR-37. For example when I switch the keyboard to listen to Channel 1, 3, 5, and 7, four voices are played back.

I've got some difficulties with the TUX-Guitar HELP-Files, as I could not find any hint (while I translated them into german)

- how to send MIDI-program-change command (Voices 0 - 99)from within TuxGuitar to the keyboard from within a track

- how to record a MIDI-Sequence from any MIDI-Device (Keyboard ... or a guitar-amplifier... or ...)

- how to activate MIDI input for TuxGuitar.

With F7 => Sounds, I'm able to toggle between "Real Time Sequencer" and "TuxGuitar Sequencer". Neither the first nor the second is showing any input... B^(

You see, another MIDI-using Software on my PC (MED Soundstudio, a "Tracker") is already able to receive and read MIDI-Signals over this very same port. And TuxGuitar should not be able?

Is anyone able to give me a hint?


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