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Matic Mirnik
Post: Mar 2nd 2011 at 8:17 PM


I have the latest TuxGuitar on Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook. I am using the SGM v2.01 soundfont. I am running the soundfont trough Gervill.

What happens is that when I open Tux I can play anything normally, the sound follows the notes marked as being played. After a while something snaps (I spot a short lag, less than a second) and after that the sound waits about 1 bar and only then starts playing from the the sound beginning. The notes being shown as being played right now are about 1 bar ahead of the sound, and will be played one bar behind. And If I continue, maybe add a new cord it snaps again, and the sound is now about 2 bars behind.

If this is a problem with the memory, I have 2Gb RAM, is there anyway I can clear the cache or something?


Fort Ash

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