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Subject Problem- TuxGuitar won't make a sound

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Post: Oct 10th 2010 at 12:22 PM

I've installed lately TuxGuitar ( On Debian Squeeze 32 bit ). great program- easy to control, easy to read, easy to edit with her, plus, can read all sorts of file types.
My only problem is this- when i press the play sounds, everything works( It shows the notes it's playing in red ) but there is no sound, although ALSA and OSS output plugin are installed.
I tried to go to Settings->Sound but there's only 2 options in there with only 1 option each to choose from-
"MIDI Sequencer->TuxGuitar Sequencer
MIDI Port->Midi Through Port-0[14:0]"

I'd be happy if anyone can help me fix the problem.


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