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Subject Notation displays incorrectly when printing to PDF

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Pete S
Post: Aug 15th 2010 at 12:07 AM

First up, Tux is fantastic. Kudos to the development guys & keep going!

Now, the issue...

I like to print Tux tabs to PDF for ease of distribution but have come up against a couple of issues with the notation.

1. Beamed notes of different duration don't show properly in the PDF.

To explain further... If I have a bar that contains a beamed 8 and 16th note (think of a swing blues in 6/8) & then print that to PDF, the main Beam shows fine, but the short "half-beam" on the 16th note disappears.

2. A similar thing occurs with Stopped notes. The stop dot is not visible.

Additionally the dot for a Dotted note prints a little too closely to the note head for easy reading.

I'm on Win XP Pro, & printing to Adobe Acrobat/Distiller v.8.

My current work-around is to export to Lilypond and convert to PDF from there - this prints just fine, so I wonder if there's an issue with the Tux/GS postscript?

I've opened a PDF in Adobe Illustrator for a closer look, & found that the Stop-dots are there, but are the same width as the note tails - i.e. a hairline. A similar thing is happening with the 16th notes' beams - they're there, but they are very short, only very slightly wider than the note tail.

I can post links to sample files that show the issues if needed.


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