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Subject Java on Opensuse 11.3 Problem

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Post: Jul 24th 2010 at 8:18 PM

Hi Im a French user of Tuxguitar

I have a probléme with Tuxguitar From repository
I use Opensuse 11.3 32bit with Javau of Sun 1.6.20 by default

Tuxguitar don't start

More information from this bug


I have tested with Java Sun 1.6.20 from official repository
and 1.6.21 from Sun directy with manual install.

And i have already this bug

I have always test with and witout Timidity but no sucess.
I have always verify the presence of libswt-gtk2

I have always used Tuxguitar with Fedora 13 very well but with my new opensuse , it s an echec.

Can you help me please ?


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Post: Jul 30th 2010 at 7:16 PM

It seems to be a problem with at libasound or tuxguitar-alsa plugin, but i can't find and error message to determine what happened..

you can try removing (just move tuxguitar-alsa.jar from plugins folder to a backup folder ) tuxguitar alsa plugin. but you'll lost alsa midi ports ( e.g: timidity ) feature..

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