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Subject Problems running version 1.1 on Ubuntu 9.10

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Post: Mar 2nd 2010 at 7:24 PM

An error is occurring with version 1.1 available in the repository of Ubuntu.

The positions of the fingers on the fretboard (blue circles) only appear in the strings "E" and "B".

If you select "Display Text Note" in "Fretboard Settings" notes will appear, but without the "Background Color".

This did not happen in Ubuntu 9.04. OBS.: I do not have the "JRE" installed.

For me this was not a problem because I installed TuxGuitar 1.2 "Ubuntu-i386 Binary Package", but either way someone may be experiencing the same problem. Version 1.2 is very good. Congratulations to the developers of this fantastic program.

Thank you and sorry my english.

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Post: Mar 6th 2010 at 4:19 PM

This issue is related to SWT less than 3.6M2, with newer GTK versions..
in tuxguitar-1.2, we redistribute SWT 3.6M2, so you don't see the problem. but it will still happens in repository version until a SWT 3.6 upgrade.

You can get more info here:

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