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Subject freepats resolution / tuner problem

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Post: Feb 27th 2010 at 4:53 PM

just to say that on debian sid I just got tuxguitar-alsa / timidity++ working well but ...
It took times to realise that :
- I needed freepats (midi newbie with --without-recommends apt ;))
- the gp3 instrument was set to gunshot (file format interpretation pb ?) which isn't a supported instrument
but still not sound :
Phaser Send (CH:0 LEVEL:0)
Tremolo Send (CH:0 LEVEL:0)
Phaser Send (CH:0 LEVEL:0)
Tremolo Send (CH:0 LEVEL:0)
until I switched to the timidity port 1 (don't know why), then I got :
Phaser Send (CH:16 LEVEL:0)
and it now works quite well.

I don't expect my mic/timidity to just-work so I wanted to have a way to get the main chords played
(just having a plain "A" would be enough)
without "create new tab" > "insert a long and forte A" > "listen and tune your guitar"

Did I missed something ?
anyway huge thanks for such a nice app, keep up the good work Julian !

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